Stacia Bank

Stacia Bank

Stacia Bank has been apart of the P5 Team since 2010 and has contributed a lot to developing our Surf Style line.

Stacia's expertise and feel for her aggressive surf style has been a major help in fine tuning our surf style boards. We have worked together for many years fine tuning various shapes and rocker profiles to dial in her Pro Model which has become one of the best selling P5 Surf Style models- the Swell. Besides board development, she’s a role model for the upcoming groms reminding them that while winning is the goal, the true joy is the sport and the friendships it brings. We know Stacia as an athlete but also a mom, providing inspiration for other women and moms to learn a new sport and play with their kids on the lake. Keep an eye out for Stacia and her signature switch riding that leaves us all in awe.

Excelsior, Minnesota


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